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3 Ways Strong Corporate Cultures Increase Worker Productivity In Stressful Times

May 22, 2018
| ByGina Jessica Smith

Many employers are aware of the link between job stress and lowered productivity, but don’t consider how an employee’s personal problems can also wreak havoc in the workplace. Difficulties in an employee’s personal life can directly impact job performance and the way they interact with colleagues and customers.

According to a workplace stress survey, 56% of surveyed employees say that stress makes their workplace performance suffer. No matter what the source of the stress is, employees must still meet their performance expectations. To mitigate this issue, companies should look to create a strong corporate culture. Here are three ways that strong corporate cultures increase productivity.

By creating a safe and unified environment

Employers must first ensure the fundamental problem isn’t linked to job stress that has spilled into the employee’s personal life, bringing it full-circle back to the workplace. Once this possibility is eliminated, management can move forward to establish a safe and unified environment for all employees.

  • Open-door policies
  • Supportive office setting
  • Employee recognition and incentive programs
  • Collaboration between employees
  • Flexibility

Unfortunately when employees work alongside stressed coworkers, it tends to be contagious. This is a phenomenon any employer wants to avoid. Creating a safe environment, rooted in kindness and trust, can prevent negativity from spreading like wildfire though the workplace.

By helping employees balance personal challenges with professionalism

Unfortunately, some companies rely on cut-throat, self-centric and high-pressure tactics a la Mad Men to drive productivity and increase profits. According to studies cited by Harvard Business Review, this approach has cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars, along with:

  • Significantly increased health care expenditures
  • 550 million workdays lost annually
  • Workplace accidents up by 80 percent

This type of aggressive strategy is the wrong approach, especially for employees experiencing personal challenges. To avoid adding more pressure, resulting in the employee becoming disengaged, companies should offer support and empathy, creating a positive and encouraging work culture.

By developing a strategy and process

To succeed in establishing a supportive workplace environment, it’s necessary to develop a strategy and process to help people feel calm and in control, despite the personal hurdles they face. Employees who are engaged are 27% more likely to report excellent performance. Recognizing a job well done and giving people an incentive to do well will naturally spark productivity. In the long run, employees will experience increased happiness, higher engagement and see an overall improved professional demeanor, naturally boosting productivity.

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