Imagine What the “Mannequin Challenge” Might Show You

December 1, 2016
| ByMike Ryan

Have you heard of the Mannequin Challenge? I’m sure you have. In some chosen setting people freeze in place for a few minutes while someone else shoots a video that records the scene. The results can be a lot of fun. And, I suppose, they can also be pretty revealing.

For instance, suppose someone did that at your workplace? What would you see? Would it depict happy faces? Would it show cooperative interaction among workers? Would you see body language that’s positive? Would you sense that the employees pictured are sharing common goals and working as a team? If the environment is “recognition–rich”—meaning that it’s a work setting where people appreciate one another—the end result would probably reveal all of the above.

How do we know? Recognition across managers and peers promotes a collegial atmosphere. It breaks down barriers and encourages the type of interactions that make work environments positive for the people who work there—not to mention profitable for the companies.

Recognition also makes the many employees who are a big part of your operation feel that they are an even bigger part of the scene—even when they are not. What do I mean by that? When you consider that almost half of all employees work in a virtual setting and that each and every one of them is less likely to feel part of the group when their work is not recognized, it’s important that you encourage their efforts as well.

Go ahead; imagine what the Mannequin Challenge might show you. Now imagine what social recognition can do to create an even prettier picture for your business.

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