Anything is Possible With the Right Team

November 10, 2016
| ByMike Ryan

Anything is possible when your team shares the same objective. Just ask the Chicago Cubs and their fans both of whom had been waiting over a hundred years for a World Series championship.

When the Indians tied the seventh and deciding game with a late inning homer, it would have been easy for the Cub to have folded. They could have given up and blamed “the curse” again.

Not this time. This team was different. Twenty five players shared the same goal. They were built on a promise to each other. Everyone was on the same page. Everyone had the same mission. It got them to where they wanted to be.

That level of engagement is a powerful thing in baseball. It results in championships. But that same commitment toward the greater good can be equally potent in the business world.

Research proves that when work teams are highly committed they are five times more likely to beat the competition. Employees who believe in themselves (and each other) perform beyond expectations on a regular basis. And here is the home run—so to speak—those workers are seven times more likely to stay on the rooster. They don’t go the free agent route and look for another work situation somewhere else when things get tough. As companies vie to keep top talent on board that’s a stat worth remembering.

Of course, those types of results don’t happen on their own. Employees need reassurances that they are on the right team and are playing for the right manager. That’s where recognition comes in. It helps companies create that same sense of shared destiny that the Cubs had. It’s what makes anything possible in the game of business.

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