Being Web-Enabled in a Mobile World

October 6, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Googled anything lately? You may have noticed that the world’s leading internet-related services company has changed their logo—a modification that has symbolic significance.

How so? When the company first started, people reached them from a single destination—a desktop PC. Now, visitors interact with the web across many different platforms. Their insignia switch is intended to reflect a more accessible mobile offering, one where people can reach them in whatever way they need to. After all, the omnipresent Internet has changed the way people live and work. We are connected 24/7. People can’t be web-enabled without being mobile.

If employee recognition had a universal logo it would be time for a change as well. The ubiquitous nature of smart devices has also changed expectations across employee reward and recognition programs. Employees use their phones and tablets as much (if not more so) than their desktop PCs. Leading reward systems have always streamlined the giving and receiving of employee recognition. But now, the best do so in support of a more mobile, web-enabled workforce.

Built in responsive design, Madison’s social recognition solution delivers a consistent user experience across any web-enabled device making it a perfect fit for mobile employees. It guarantees that the employee’s user experience is the same across all platforms.

Ultimately, your ability to be web-enabled in a mobile world comes down to the technology of your choice. With Maestro, the industry’s most highly configurable, cloud-based SaaS solution, you and your entire workforce will be connected.

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