Self-Fulfilling “Success” Prophecies and Recognition

September 22, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

We have all heard about self-fulfilling prophecies—a sense or prediction that eventually becomes true because we believed it to be.

A recent paper from Quantum Workplace on the Cultural Insights of Awesome Workplaces is filled with some interesting stats. One noted that more than 90% of engaged employees believe their company will be successful in the future.

What drives their optimism? It’s not simply a product of profits and growth. When employees see themselves as a vital part of the company’s ongoing accomplishments, they too become increasingly confident in the firm’s direction. Conversely, when they don’t know or understand the goals and vision they are far less likely to feel confident in its future.

We talk a lot about alignment when talking about motivated employees. Being on the same page with the people you work for is a strong motivator. Smart companies go out of their way to establish a shared sense of purpose up and down the ranks. They create a kind of “self-fulfilling success” prophecy with recognition that drives their growth.

They start with something simple—like setting relatable goals for individual’s workers and rewarding employees when they are hit. That helps each and every worker see themselves as a vital part of the bigger picture. A step that’s easy to do and manage with a social recognition system. That keeps people feeling like they are a big part of your achievement which in turn makes them feel confident about the business’s long-term prospects.

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