Recognizing for the Long Haul

July 7, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

How can you build an environment that looks and feels promising to career-oriented workers?

Consider this reality first: today’s employees are different in many ways, of course, but one of the biggest distinctions is how they view and value the progress of others.

Younger workers, in particular, are more communal than competitive. They tend to see advancements made by others as an indication that the environment for one is indeed positive for all.

When companies recognize their best employees they are creating social models. They are reaffirming what the expected organizational behaviors and outcomes are. By holding up key individuals as real life examples they are reiterating their norms and expectations, but the act of recognizing individuals who do good work does even more. It creates an environment of success. It helps employees visualize the opportunities that await. It helps employees see the pathway to growth and prosperity within the firm. Not all companies see that potential within their programs. The less enlightened view recognition as a “one-off activity” aimed at a few employees. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The consistent use of recognition within the employee ranks creates a culture where good workers feel appreciated and valued. It builds a workplace that offers hope and promise. Recognition plays a big role in helping your best employees see your company as a positive, long-term opportunity.

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