Cultivating “Game Changers”

July 21, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Congratulations to the USA Women’s Soccer team on its first World Cup championship in over 15 years. There are many superstars on the roster including, as it turns out, their coach Jill Ellis, who has been credited with cultivating a winning atmosphere throughout the team.

One of the ways she had done so is to change the competitive mindsets of the team’s non-starters. She doesn’t call them “subs” like everyone else in sports does. She calls them “game changers,” which dignifies the role of everyone on the team.

Her thought process is simple: “game changers” are not any less glamorous or critical. They can come in and make a difference late in the game and help the team’s starters get better prepared by working harder in practice.

By recognizing these important role players, she has focused everyone in her entire organization on making their individual contributions. She has created a winning environment up and down the ranks.

Every company has potential game changers, but before they become so they need to understand their roles better, be given the encouragement to contribute their best, and be recognized when they do.

When it comes to employee reward programs, too many organizations focus entirely on their superstars. While your best deserve praise, your supporting cast also needs to be acknowledged. By cultivating “game changers” you can build a stronger business and bring home the gold.

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