Being a Good Manager Just Got Easier

July 28, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

About 2.5 million employees every month voluntarily leave their jobs. How can you keep them from leaving? You can try offering more money, but that’s not the only reason they are leaving. Chances are they are being managed out the door.

There’s an old saying that people don’t quit companies, they quit managers. Departing workers probably told you they were leaving for more money but only a handful of employees actually move on in pursuit of higher pay. In reality, the reason employees exit is the consequence of the way they're supervised.

Bad managers consistently take advantage of good people. They overload them with responsibilities without clarifying what’s most important. They micro-manage deadlines and results without rewarding efforts and they rarely, if ever, acknowledge an employee’s contribution to the unit’s success.

Eventually, good people leave seeking the type of support, clarity and guidance good managers give instinctually. How can you make being a good manager a little bit easier for all of the others? What can you do to help the bad ones reverse the impact they are having on employee productivity and retention?

All is not lost for the underperforming manager who churns through good people. The answer lies in the comprehensive use of social recognition. The best systems start by building awareness. They offer training on why (and how) a manager can use the type of allegiance-building communication and recognition tools found within. They provide the mechanisms to clarify expectations and offer a wide range of reward and recognition options that can help turn restless employees into loyal ones. They make being a good manager easy.

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