Recognition as a Recruitment Tool

June 2, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Breaking paradigms has always been what good HR leaders do. They effectively rethink the obvious and address people-related challenges and opportunities in new ways through available tools. That makes them innovative and efficient and positions them as a more valuable resource to senior management.

Take the way some have responded to the narrowing talent market as an example. The best look beyond retention and have begun to address employee acquisition with their recognition programs.

How so? They still look at “active” candidates, who themselves, have posted resumes on job boards. They still work with headhunters who are paid to get a line on “passive” prospects—potential employees who can be wooed out of current opportunities. But they are doing more. They are also using their own employees as social recruiters.

They know that employees who feel appreciated and recognized for good work will talk up the company to others and as they do, they become ambassadors for every open job that needs filling. They know that an employee’s positive perspective on what it’s like to work at your company and contribute to its success will get others to wish they could do the same. Some firms have gone as far as offering additional rewards to every employee who has recommended and/or sponsored a successful candidate.

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