How to Kickoff Your Recognition Program

June 9, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Planning to implement a social recognition platform? That’s a move that will improve performance, but to get there quickly your people—or more specifically your managers—need to be prepared. Your communications and training plans must address two key issues: that recognition is important and that the act of recognizing people is easy.

Managers who don’t know the value of recognition are more likely to ignore employees. They may not instinctually understand that showing their appreciation—and doing so often—will generate better results. They need to be reminded that recognition is not just good for an employee’s attitude and performance, but that it’s also good for business.

They also need to be assured that the process will be simple, seamless and intuitive. Most managers don’t recognize employees because they think it’s too difficult to do so; that it takes too much time and effort.

You need to remove that objection from their minds. How? Make sure that everyone has access to on-demand learning and that the curriculum keeps pace with their capabilities. That will help them recognize employees immediately while also getting even more out of the system as their comfort levels evolve.

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