Keeping Reps Focused

April 28, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Focus. It’s a word you hear over and over again when it comes to sales performers. The good ones have it, but most are either not focused enough or focused on the wrong things.

To get every sales rep to perform better here are a few things you can implement within your sales incentive contest to bring your goals into clarity:

  • Concentrate on just a few attainable targets that everyone on the sales team can comprehend, remember and act upon.
  • Configure objectives so they make sense for individuals. You can focus them on measures like total sales, aggregate revenue, comparative market penetration, or gross profit—any outcome that needs improvement. Don’t be afraid to do so on a territory-by-territory basis. With the right technology it’s easy to set up, simple to communicate and simple for reps to understand.
  • Create a straightforward and clear reward scheme. Offer a compelling upside, such as a points multiplier when key thresholds are crossed. That will help keep their attention and motivate them to sell even more.

Selling is a tough profession and reps can get easily distracted when they perceive too many things to be a priority. Use your sales incentive system to help structure and communicate objectives. That will help keep everyone who sells for you focused.

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