So What Color Was That Dress Anyway?

March 17, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Gold and white? Blue and black? More importantly, what did it teach us?

We all see the same things, but interpret them differently. In the case of the multi-colored dress it was the physiological variations within our eye structures that changed our individual sensations to light and thus our perception of color. But can emotions also dictate the way we interpret things? Yes, they can.

Behavioral economics teaches us that people rely on emotions, intuition, past experiences and social examples when making decisions. Our backgrounds are literally colored by what we have experienced or witnessed. So in that regard, personal and professional circumstances drive our understanding and decision making. It changes the color of your offer.

How can you get everyone to see things the same way within your sales incentive or employee recognition programs? How can you get everyone to embrace the potential? Remember, how you frame an offer can change context. Pay attention to how you devise rules, set performance hurdles and present rewards and be careful to consider your audience when you do so.

Not every employee is the same. Like any good dressmaker you will want to tailor your messages and goals to fit the participant’s profile. That will get everyone to see the true potential of what you are offering them.

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