Show Employees You Care About Their Performance

March 6, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Today is employee appreciation day. A day set aside to show employees that you care about them, appreciate their efforts and value their contributions.

Many businesses have events planned today, ranging from formal presentations in the auditorium to pizza parties in the break room. All of these gestures are good for morale and convey a company’s gratitude, but let’s not lose sight over what’s really important—showing your appreciation as often as possible.

A “day” for employees is a great idea, but in the scheme of things it’s not nearly enough. Employees want and need to be recognized more. Companies need to do more to say “thank you,” and they need to provide the mechanisms to make that possible.

To build a culture of appreciation—one that helps employees feel that their work is appreciated on a day-in day-out basis—you will need the flexibility to configure goals and objectives, include the voices of all employees (co-workers as well as managers) and be able to systematically celebrate success across generational and geographic borders.

So after you have thrown out those pizza boxes think about implementing a recognition solution that is as social as it is mobile. That’s really the best way to show your employees you care about their performance.

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