Want Better Results? Take the “Competitiveness” Out of Your Business

February 3, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

That’s a provocative statement, if not a counterintuitive one. I can hear it now. “Mike we want to be competitive. We need to be competitive. We need to do more than our competitors. That’s why we are in business!”

And to that I say “Yes, of course! That’s all correct.” But don’t you want to make sure you focus employees on shared objectives; on beating other businesses and not each other? Don’t you want to establish a mindset that competition is external and not internal?

Whether intentional or accidental, too many organizations set up their compensation plans (including their recognition programs) to pit employees against one another. And while a little internal rivalry is not always a bad thing, having definitive winners and losers may make some employees less likely to step in and help one another out. It can turn situations, problems or issues into “not my job” territory and that level of internal competitiveness is toxic anywhere.

Crafting rules structures that reward the type of internal cooperativeness that you seek—that is your brand in action—while still rewarding and motivating individuals can be a tricky proposition. It takes experience and know-how. It requires the right level of strategic insight and the most configurable technology. Fortunately, for all the businesses we support, Madison brings both to the table. Who’s sitting down with you?

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