Maestro and “Team Member Excellence”

January 15, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

One of the leading growth priorities for today’s CEO revolves around what some call “team member excellence.” That’s a level of talent performance that’s optimized across the entire enterprise. Something that’s made possible through outstanding people practices inducing programs that impact everything from recruitment to retention. Reward strategies are a big part of those initiatives. They support employee development, growth and loyalty.

The responsibility of getting the most out of talent has never been a more critical function. And as a result, HR has never been more important to companies. CEOs know that of all the resources they rely upon to propel the business forward, people are the most critical. They know employees are the real creators of value and that they are the keepers and conduits of institutional knowledge. And they realize that employees are the face of the brand and the owners of customer relationships.

Smart CEOs equate the authenticity of their company’s value proposition with the attitudes, abilities and actions of their people—the three variables that either set the business apart or cause it to flounder in the face of increased competition.

Senior business leaders expect their HR teams to lead the way by creating positive work environments that don’t simply attract and retain the best people but also get the most out of them while they are there. That’s where a smart and configurable reward and recognition strategy comes to bear. With Maestro, HR executives can structure solutions that make the most sense for their employee audiences. They set and reset objectives as business goals change. That allows them to make the most out of the corporate resource called talent. And that’s what helps HR answer the challenge to build a level of “team member excellence” that every CEO seeks.

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