Don’t Launch Without This

January 6, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

So you had the best intentions. You implemented a new employee recognition program. Good for you. Problem is no one’s using it! Now what?

You are learning a hard lesson: all of the care and planning in the world means little if managers don’t embrace the system from day one. You could have avoided that problem by going with Madison.

We know how to get your managers involved and Maestro is a big part of the solution. Our system comes complete with a wide range of online modules including webinars and other e-learning assets your managers can access at any time. These on demand learning tools help them understand how to use the system. And more importantly, they explain the important role front line managers play in building a culture of recognition and how participating—nominating workers and praising them regularly—will in turn make them better managers.

Maestro’s training library will help educate them on all facets of recognition. They will learn how to properly recognize an employee and they will see how doing so creates positive outcomes on a local level. They will better understand how their team (and the company as a whole) will get better results from the proper and consistent use of recognition. That information will not simply prepare them to be better frontline rewarders, it will position your program to be adopted and utilized at an exceptional rate as well.

It’s often said that employees are the most important people in any recognition program. It’s hard to argue with that. But if you don’t have a communication and training strategy in place you are missing another obvious fact. Managers are the most critical stakeholders. Don’t launch your program without a training plan in place.

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