Context Made Simple with Maestro

January 8, 2015
| ByMike Ryan

Want your messages to connect? Behavioral economics tells us that people respond more to communications that put goals and objectives into a personalized context. And by “context” I mean a familiar framework that reflects their individual working circumstances. By designing and implementing employee communications and reward offerings with context in mind, you can increase the likelihood of your employees taking the actions you want.

The formula for doing so is simple. Take the demographic and circumstantial information you have and use it to shape your communications. Or, to put it another way, use the data you have to segment your audience/message by things that matter most—like job location, function and reporting structures. And then cross compare past results and/or current successes. That will help you shape and alter your messages accordingly so they have more personal meaning to the intended targets.

Why don’t most organizations do this regularly within their reward and recognition programs? Most don’t appreciate its importance and almost all lack the technology they need to do it easily.

Most organizations assume that their audience is on the same page as they are, but they are not. And in every case people will gloss over information unless they see themselves in it. If it doesn’t pertain to them, or if they don’t see it as meaningful, they won’t pay attention.

Making a contextual connection is easy with Maestro. The system comes equipped with a comprehensive configuration tool that governs all of the features and functions you’d expect. Everything from choosing the appropriate audience to crafting the desired message is easily done with Maestro.

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