Maestro Gives You the Flexibility to Meet Challenges Head On

December 4, 2014
| ByMike Ryan

Sales compensation planners have a lot to worry about. Depending on the business model, variable pay schemes can account for the largest portion of a rep’s total income. The people who devise their plans need to get them right. And by right I mean they need to be motivational, efficient, and above all, aligned with organizational need.

The challenge for many here is that cash compensation plans are not very flexible. They are generally designed prior to the year they take effect because they require layers and layers of approval. Once implemented, they are hard to change in a timely manner. In fact, finding effective ways to revise an existing sales comp scheme is a hot topic right now.

So what’s the answer? How does an organization stay nimble when it relies on a rigid mechanism? In the context of variable cash comp how can it respond to competitive challenges and/or market opportunities as they arise? By blending in a range of non-cash compensation elements—like sales contests—and administering them with Maestro.

Maestro is the most flexible and configurable SaaS solution on the market. With Maestro you can design and implement programs that focus reps on key outcomes, like increased sales volume across specific product lines or better customer penetration rates in key accounts. You can direct programs at all reps or modify offerings based on segmentation variables that make sense: territory, past performance, market mix. I could go on. The possibilities (and the flexibility) are endless.

Maestro also gets you to the market faster. Once the system is installed and running, you can develop and launch programs in no time. That gives you the flexibility to meet competitors head on.

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